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Jinan Lingang Economic Development Zone creates a new highland for laser industry

In order to implement the work requirements of the Municipal Government for the "Project Breakthrough Year", Jinan Lingang Development Zone firmly established the "project is king" work concept, centered on the laser industry, focused on "recruiting large and attracting strong", fully opened up investment channels in the Pearl River Delta, and vigorously implemented Precise investment promotion, industrial chain investment promotion, accelerated project implementation, and ran out of the "acceleration" of port investment promotion. On the morning of February 18, Meng Xiangmin, director of the Management Committee of Jinan Lingang Economic Development Zone, met with Shao Huo, secretary-general of Guangdong Laser Industry Association, and his party. Meng Xiangmin presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Meng Xiangmin first welcomed the arrival of Shao Huo and his party, and then watched the promotional video of Licheng District and the Development Zone. The relevant responsible comrades introduced the geographical location, basic situation of the Development Zone, and the future industrial development plan of Licheng District and the Development Zone .

Meng Xiangmin pointed out that Licheng District is the birthplace and core production area of the laser industry. It has complete supporting industries and excellent talent reserves, and there are huge market opportunities. The development zone is the main battlefield and main position of Licheng District's economic development. The next step will be Extend the laser industry chain, vigorously develop the laser industry, and help the rapid development of enterprises in the jurisdiction with a high-quality business environment. Taking advantage of the strong advantages in industry, experts, talents, and capital, we will strengthen cooperation in the future through technology and industry information exchanges, expert team mutual visits, and holding laser industry development forums.

Participants fully exchanged ideas on laser application, exhibition promotion, technology incubation, resource sharing, etc., and reached an agreement on the next step of cooperation.

After the meeting, Shao Huo and his entourage conducted on-the-spot investigations at the Zhihuiling Intelligent Manufacturing Technology City Project, China Power Construction Energy Valley, Dabo Intelligent Robot Production and Green Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment R&D Assembly Production Project, and Lingang Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.